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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Affordable and Compact: The Optoma HD65 Home Theater Projector

The Optoma HD65 is a very compact home theater projection unit. Though it sits at the lower end of the cost spectrum for home projectors, it excels in certain categories. Brightness is one of those categories. The Optoma HD65 can be adjusted all the way up to 1600 lumens on the brightness scale. That’s bright. Plus it has a special feature that allows you to watch wide screen formatted movies without the black bars. It’s a nice feature to have, especially if your screen is adjustable so you can just watch the movie without that sometimes annoying black space.

Let’s get back to that brightness level. What’s so great about 1600 lumens? The benefit is that you can use this projector more in the place of a regular television. Certain projectors are designed specifically for dark rooms designated for projector viewing. That’s nice and all if you have your own darkened theater room. But if not, the Optoma HD65 will still let you enjoy the large screen viewing that a projector can offer while not needing the pitch blackness that some projectors require. That’s the beauty of extra brightness.

The grayscale doesn’t suffer from the bright level either. The Optoma HD65 has a high quality grayscale. That means there won’t be any issues with faded out pictures. The compactness of the unit may also impress you with it’s ease of transport and maneuverability. It weighs a mere 4 pounds. A unique type of colorwheel also comes within the Optoma HD65. It uses the Cyan/Yellow/Magenta base for part of its operation where traditionally Red/Green/Blue has been used. This plays into how the brightness can be achieved without a loss of color quality. You’ll notice very natural looking colors with this method.

Of course, with a more affordable projector there are some differences when compared with the high-end models. Whether those higher-end products are worth the price to you or not depends on a few things. The Optoma HD65 is best for viewing standard rather than high definition videos. So if you mainly watch standard format any ways, it wouldn’t really benefit you all that much to spend a lot more for a costlier model. Then there’s the black level to think about. Some projectors will offer a nicer quality of black. At the same time however, some of those higher costing models mainly achieve their quality of black level simply by using a “dynamic iris” which lowers the brightness at certain scenes. As cheesy as that may sound, it’s a fact. The only other factor that should help you decide which projector to go for is the lens shift. The Optoma HD65 doesn’t give you as much lens shift as some projectors. Lens shift doesn’t affect quality of viewing, but rather ease of installation. It’s what allows you to situate a projector in one location and have the picture show up on the screen even when it’s not directly in front of the lens.

In the long run the Optoma HD65 may benefit you just as well as a more expensive projector. In certain situations it can even be more useful. It just depends on how you plan to use it. And regardless of how you’ll use it, the HD65 is a high quality choice in and of itself.

Tags:Affordable and Compact: The Optoma HD65 Home Theater Projector

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